Frequently Asked Kauai Tour Questions

  • Chevron down Where and when do I check in? Where do I park?
  • Good question. You need to call us at (808) 742-9667 for check-in time and location. We offer 10 different guided tours daily, and check-in times and locations vary. So be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to get you set with all the info you need about our Kauai activities. It’s important for you to be on time at your correct location. Tours depart on time, and the no-show charge is 100%.

  • Chevron down Do I need to show up early?
  • Nope. Right on time is just fine. But if you need to shop for anything to wear or bring on your tour, or care to use the restroom, plan to arrive early accordingly.

  • Chevron down Do I need to bring water?
  • We provide bottled water and juices throughout all of our tours. If you care to bring an energy drink or snack, feel free. For safety, no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

  • Chevron down What happens if it rains?
  • Our tours go rain or shine and we do get brief showers most days, so be prepared for some sprinkles.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my camera?
  • Yes. Waterproof is recommended.

  • Chevron down What is the best footwear for my tour?
  • No slippers (flip-flops), please. For kayak, SUP, and zipline tours teva-type sport sandals with heelstraps and aggressive tread on the soles are perfect. They are quick-dry and comfortable as you go in and out of the water, and will work great for you on the hiking segments, too. For the Bicycle Downhill tour, closed toe is required, no sandals. Sport sandals are available to rent at the Poipu store.

  • Chevron down How old do kids have to be to zipline?
  • Our minimum age is 7.

  • Chevron down What is the minimum weight for children?
  • We don’t have a minimum weight limit – kids just need to be at least 7 years old to zip.

  • Chevron down What are your zipline weight limits?
  • Our maximum weight is 275.

  • Chevron down What’s the difference between the Kahuna, Nui, and Lele Zipline Tours?
  • We actually have two different zipline courses on Kipu Ranch. Our Treehouse Course zips through the forest and over streams and waterfalls and centers around an amazing treehouse wrapped around a giant banyan tree. The Nui Nui Loa Course ziplines are at the base of the Ha’upu Mtn Range, and offer dramatic and expansive views of nearly half the island with emerald-green hills anf Hule’ia River valley as it winds down to the sea and the Kalapaki Bay lighthouse. The two courses are separated by 2 miles of Kipu Ranch roadway which is traversed by a short van ride.The Lele E’ono is actually the beginning of the Nui Nui Loa and includes zips in both courses. So, the Lele does our first six ziplines (no water zip), and the Nui continues on to also do our longest ziplines and the Water Zip. On the Nui, you will ride ALL nine of our ziplines. The Kahuna is our newest zipline tour, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. It skips the shortest “beginner” ziplines and goes right to the longest, most exciting ones. It is done solely on the Nui course, and includes five zips and the Water Zip.

  • Chevron down What’s the difference between the Hidden Falls and Wailua River kayak?
  • The Hidden Falls tour is a one-way paddle on the Hule’ia River, and you’re brought back by our motorized double-hulled canoe instead of paddling back. That makes it an easy, relaxing tour that’s great for beginners and families with children. The Wailua River Kayak paddles up the Wailua, and then there’s a mile hike to a waterfall. After you have lunch at the waterfall, you hike back and paddle back. It’s a great trip for active people looking for a moderately strenuous adventure.

  • Chevron down Do I really need bug spray?
  • Yes. We do recommend bug spray for all of our river kayak and zipline tours. Those tours are in and out of the rainforest, and the mosquitoes bug some people (pun intended).

  • Chevron down What’s your shortest zipline tour?
  • The Kahuna at 3hrs.

  • Chevron down We want to go on your zipline tour, but I don’t want to zip. Can I go along and just watch?
  • Sure. But space is very limited on our zipline tours, so all passengers pay full fare whether zipping or not. Non-zippers are definitely welcome to come along and watch the fun, but should be prepared to do a little more hiking.

  • Chevron down Where is Kipu Ranch?
  • Kipu Ranch is 10 miles from our Poipu store – close to both the Poipu and Kapa’a resort areas, located about halfway between the two. It is 4,000 acres in size, bounded on the north at Hule’ia River and on the south at the summit ridgeline of the Ha’upu Mountain Range. “Outfitters Kauai Kipu Ranch” comes up in both Google Maps and Apple Maps.

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