Public Health Notice - COVID-19 Precaution

COVID-19 Update

April 28- We’re sitting tight and staying safe- just like you, we hope.  Everyone on our wonderful island is working together to keep a handle on this thing, and we’re respectful of our expert’s directives.  We’ve discontinued all tours and temporarily closed our doors since March 18.  Everyone who has been scheduled for an outing with us has been contacted and either re-scheduled or refunded as they wish.  Our first priority is to protect our guests and guides.

Our Mayor and his team are doing a great job of keeping our island safe, and we’re listening closely to the daily updates.  In the meanwhile we continue to pick up the phones and check email here and there so if we can help you with anything give us a call or send us a note.  We’ll be happy to hear from you!

We’re looking forward to getting back to putting some smiles on faces and fun in vacations when the time is right.  We’ll be reassessing on May 5 and following the recommendations of our Mayor and the Dept. of Health.  At that time we’ll post an update.  In the meanwhile, stay safe, stay sane, and don’t forget to enjoy life! 


With aloha, the Outfitters Ohana